Enter Date

Enter Date




27th May 2018

120th Drive, Plantation of 110 trees at AKP Ferrocast, Waghawade Road

20th May 2018

119th Drive, Plantation of 75 trees at AKP Ferrocast, Waghawade Road

13th May 2018

118th Drive, Maintenance at the Pragati Engineering Mini Forest

6th May 2018

117th Drive, Plantation of 30 trees at Gangamma Chikkumbimath Orphanage, Belagavi

29th April 2018

116th Drive, Preparation of 3000+ saplings with Vruksha Kranti Team at Tapovan, Dharwad

22nd April 2018

115th Drive, 22nd April 2018, Plantation of 111 trees at Bhagwan Mahaveer School

15th April 2018

114th Drive, Harvesting of 300 saplings and seed plantation

8th April 2018

113th Drive, Maintenance of saplings at Green Saviours nurseries at Bhagyanagar

1st April 2018

112th Drive, Plantation of 53 trees at School for Deaf and Dumb along with volunteers from Venugram Cyclists Club

25th March 2018

111th Drive, Plantation of 31 trees at School No 34, Angol, Belagavi

21st March 2018

110th Drive, World Forest Day 2018, Plantation of 6 trees at PWD Compound, Fort, Belagavi

18th March 2018

109th Drive, Plantation of 18 trees at Sahayadri Colony

11th March 2018

108th Drive, Plantation of 174 trees and maintenance at Mini Forest at Quality Foods

4th March 2018

107th Drive, Creation of Mini Forest of 1580 trees at Kwality Foods, Rajgoli and Plantation of the 10,000th tree

25th Feb 2018

106th Drive, Site Preparation at Quality Foods, Rajgoli

18th Feb 2018

105th Drive, Plantation of 21 trees at Adarsh School, Vadagaon

11th Feb 2018

104th Drive, Plantation of 30 Trees at Quality Foods, Rajgoli

4th Feb 2018

103rd Drive, Maintenance at schools at Runkundye and Jamboti

28th Jan 2018

102nd Drive, Plantation of 50 trees at Ningenhatti Village

21st Jan 2018

101st Drive, Maintenance at Pragati Engineering Mini Forest

14th Jan 2018

100th Drive, Plantation of 79 trees at Sindhi Colony, Belagavi

7th Jan 2018

99th Drive, 7 trees planted at Madhvacharya Farms, Waghawade Road, Belagavi

7th Jan 2018

98th Drive, 25 saplings planted at Sindhi Colony, Belagavi

1st Jan 2018

97th Drive,New year beginning by planting 6 Trees at Camp, Belagavi

31st Dec 2017

96th Drive, 325 saplings harvested at Lele Ground and Vaccine Depot

24th Dec 2017

95th Drive, 400 saplings harvested at Lele Ground and Vaccine Depot

17th Dec 2017

94th Drive,175 saplings harvested at Tilakwadi and Hindwadi

10th Dec 2017

93rd Drive, 254 saplings harvested at Tilakwadi

3rd Dec 2017

92nd Drive,138 saplings harvested at Bhagyanagar

26th Nov 2017

91st Drive,200 saplings harvested from roadsides at Bhagyanagar

19th Nov 2017

90th Drive,Maintenance at Syndicate Bank Colony and Hukkerimath, Ganeshpur

12th Nov 2017

89th Drive,Maintenance at Nagzari School, Tilakwadi and Govt School R C Nagar

5th Nov 2017

88th Drive,Maintenance at Pragati Engineering

29th October 2017

87th Drive,Plantation of 10 trees, Cleaning and Maintenance at Gulmohur Colony, Parijat Colony & Gurudev Mandir

22nd October 2017

86th Drive,Cleaning, Maintenance and Plantation of 10 trees at Jamboti School

20th October 2017

85th Drive,Harvesting of 51 Saplings at Lingaraj Campus and Angol

15th October 2017

84th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Aashray Colony Site

8th October 2017

83rd Drive,Plantation of 60 trees at schools at Kalamani & Amate

1st October 2017

82nd Drive,Plantation of 20 trees at IT Park Desur

24th September 2017

81th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at S V Colony

17rd September 2017

80th Drive,Transplantation of 4 trees at Dargah Compound and Maintenance at S V Colony

10th September 2017

79th Drive,Transplantation of 18 trees at Dargah compound, Camp

3rd September 2017

78th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at S V Colony

27th August 2017

77th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Pragati Engineering Mini Forest

20th August 2017

76th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Pragati Engineering Mini Forest

13th August 2017

75th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Pragati Engineering

6th August 2017

74th Drive,Plantation of 100 trees at Camp Third Eye-Kanakumbi

30th July 2017

73rd Drive,Plantation of 100 trees and Distribution of 450 trees at Jamboti School

23rd July 2017

72nd Drive,Plantation of 30 trees at R C Nagar School with Innerwheel Club

23rd July 2017

71st Drive,Plantation of 10 trees and Maintenance at S V Colony and Gurudev Mandir

16th July 2017

70th Drive,Plantation of 70 trees at Habbanatti School

2nd July 2017

69th Drive,Plantation of 270 trees at S V Colony

8th July 2017

68th Drive,Plantation of 30 trees with students of KLE Society?s Banyan School at Gurudev Mandir

2nd July 2017

67th Drive,Plantation of 25 trees at Pragati Engineering and Maintenance at Shantai Old Age Home Site

25th June 2017

66th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Runkundye School Site

18th June 2017

65th Drive,Site finishing at Pragati Engineering

11th June 2017

64th Drive,Plantation of 575 trees at Pragati Engineering

5th June 2017

63rd Drive,Plantation of 230 trees at Pragati Engineering

4th June 2017

62nd Drive,Mini-Forest Site Preparation at Pragati Engineering

28th May 2017

61st Drive,Plantation of 30 trees, Cleaning and Maintenance at Tarabethi Sansthe

21st May 2017

60th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Hanji Farms, Santi Bastwad

14th May 2017

59th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Syndicate Bank Colony, Hukkerimath and Tarabethi Sansthe

7th May 2017

58th Drive,Collection of seeds at Santi Bastwad and Jamboti Forest

30th April 2017

57th Drive,Collection of seeds at Santi Bastwad and Jamboti Forest

23th April 2017

56th Drive,Hanji Farms Santi Bastwad,Cleaning, Mulching and Maintenance

16th April 2017

55th Drive,Hanji Farms, Santi Bastwad,Plantation of 3rd Mini forest-3300 trees planted

9th April 2017

54th Drive,Site preparation at Hanji Farms Santi Bastwad

2th April 2017

53th Drive,Site preparation at Hanji Farms Santi Bastwad

26th March 2017

52th Drive,Collection of Dry Leaves for Mulching

19th March 2017

The Green Saviours Team, 51th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Shantai Old Age Home Mini-Forest

12th March 2017

The Green Saviours Team, 50th Drive,Cleaning and Maintenance at Tarabethi Sansthe Site

5th March 2017

44th Walk towards happiness!!!

19th February 2017

The Green Saviours Team, 43rd Drive, 231 trees planted at the farm house on Nilawde road between Khanapur and Jamboti.Total trees planted since April 2016 is 2803. The team was happy to welcome 5 new members into the fold as the joy of plantation on Sundays continues.

26th February 2017

The Green Saviours team for their 42nd successive Sunday of work planted 241 trees at a farm on Khanapur Jamboti Road. Over 60 volunteers joined the effort. The team will subsequently undertake the plantation of multiple mini forests at the site. The site promises space for close to 5000 trees and we look forward to working in the region since it falls in the patch that will ultimately contribute to rainfall in and around Belagavi.

20th January 2017

Decent coverage by Deccan Herald, Sakal and Prajavani papers of our request to the DC. It was just a request asking for help in the responsibility of undertaking a compensatory plantation.

26th February 2017

The Green Saviours team had a prepared plot for plantation. We took to work at 7.30 AM today, distributed saplings across the spaces and planted 417 saplings in 2100 sqft of land using the Miyawaki recommendations, spread dried leaves, watered the patch, added some microorganisms to the site and fenced it to ready our first Mini Forest at Shantai Vruddhashram. Now that we have done our bit, we have made arrangements for watering of the site twice a week and eagerly await the blessings of Mother Nature.... We had 83 volunteers today and we did our bit. Now it's her turn!!!

19th February 2017

Spreading manure and rice husk across the site, mixing it up with the soil using a tractor with suitable attachments and watering the site to get it ready for next week's plantation drive; the Green Saviours team successfully completed its 40th Drive. The said operations were executed at the Shantai Old Age Home site by a team of over 75 members. We now have our soil ready and next week shall be undertaking plantation of 500 trees comprising as assortment of over 40 species of trees, bushes and grasses to create our first mini forest.

12th February 2017

39th Drive of the Green Saviours team. Visited the site at Shantai Old Age Home. Prepared the plantation site by removing weeds, digging the soil using a JCB, shifting manure to the site, spreading rice husk and mixing it with the soil, cleaning the Shantai Old Age Home premises, planting a few trees and a small function to mark the occasion. A special thanks to Vijay More Ex Mayor and Santosh Mamdapur for all the arrangements. Now we have a few things to do before we plant close to 400 trees next week. The mini forest mission is underway!!!!

5th February 2017

Early morning visit to Shantai Old Age home to explore our first Green Saviours mini-forest plantation site. Super thankful to Santosh Mamdapur for arranging this with Vijay More Ex Mayor. We inspected the site and made plans for our first plantation for the New Year. 2017, here we come with renewed commitments!!!

29th January 2017

Green Saviours work for the 38th Successive Sunday!!!

22th January 2017

37th successive Sunday of work. Watering of trees, replacing the lost trees, cleaning and covering the watered spaces, we continued our Venugreen Project at God Course Desur and explored a site for prospective dense plantation in the year ahead. We had a surprise visitor Dr Wali and had meaningful discussions in context of furthering our project.

15th January 2017

n caring for the young, we often miss caring for the elders. Green Saviours drives can be so philosophical that they leave one with lessons for a lifetime. We were busy cleaning spaces around the new trees planted on the site when these larger and older ones seemed to be looking at us with anger and envy. Amidst discussions that they needed not up keeping, we decided to indulge and gave their base a thorough cleaning job. I guess we must have left them happy. They are the survivors on the rugged terrain and ignoring them would have been utter disrespect. So what if their roots are set, a caring hand always means a lot. Looking forward to their green blessings......

8th January 2017

The Green Saviours team was at work for the 36th Sunday in a row. The site was the Tarabethi Sansthe at Sangameshwar Nagar. The resident trainees who have come here for a two month training also joined our effort as we carried out maintenance of about 80 trees at the site. Cleaning spaces and watering to leave the trees happier than before in their newly established habitat makes it a fulfilling experience...

1st January 2017

The Green Saviours team joined the students of St Joseph School yesterday as they performed a street play at Railway Station and conducted a rally to generate awareness regarding environmental conservation. A special thanks to the Principal for letting us be part of their effort. Got a chance to address the students and the onlookers at the Railways station and made the most of it. Maybe a few more will join our ongoing mission.

25th December 2016

The dynamics of plantation sites can be quite challenging. One such site is the Zilla Tarabethi Sansthe site at Sangameshwar Nagar. The Green Saviours team has planted close to a hundred trees there. The terrain is quite rocky beneath and the soil seems to drain very fast. It has been quite challenging both for our trees and us but we are happy that both have managed to get a grip of our responsibilities. The team visited the site early morning and watered the plants. The challenge would be to motivate the officer trainees there to help us by watering on a regular basis.

18th December 2016

Exploring plantation sites and to establish contacts with locals, 12 members of the Green Saviours team visited several villages like Kusmali, Habannatti, Torali, Amte and Kalmani bear the Jamboti region. We thank the Ekal Organization for taking us through this exploratory journey. Special thanks to Praveen Pujar for accompanying us.

11th December 2016

The Green Saviours team for the 35th Plantation drive revisited the Maratha Mandal School, Kiniye. The team loosened the soil, added manure and watered over 80 trees and planted another 20 trees at the site. It was heartening to notice that only three trees at the site had perished despite the lack of water at the school. The lost trees were replaced. The School Principal had kept the students at work each Saturday to make sure that the region's around the trees were kept clean.

4th December 2016

The Green Saviours team managed to prevent the chopping of a huge Rain Tree that is almost over 20 years old. The incident came to light on 22nd Nov 2016 when one of the team members spotted the contractor chopping off a branch of a tree

27th November 2016

The Green Saviours Tee Shirts are done and after the drive we had the pleasure of proudly donning our unique attire. The team also met to discuss future plans.

20th November 2016

Green Saviours team worked for the 33rd successive Sunday and conducted maintenance drives at the Nagzari School site and Gurudev Ranade Mandir. A couple of saplings that had perished were replaced by new ones. Over 60 members participated in the drive. It is a joy to see consistently committed members joining for the work each Sunday.

13th November 2016

COME JOIN THE EFFORT....... We have worked for 32 consecutive Sundays and will continue unabated but the real purpose can be accomplished only if the tens become hundreds and more.... The Green Saviours team had the privilege of a wonderful visitor Captain Dhond who is an expert on issues pertaining to the flora and fauna of the Western Ghats. Captain addressed the Green Saviours and discussed various issues pertaining to strengthening the movement to restore the ecology of the region and consequently the climate. He also accompanied the team on its 32nd successive Sunday of work as the team undertook maintenance of the trees planted at Gulmohur and Parijat Colony on Angol Vadgaon Road. Under the guidance of Captain Dhond and the Mahadayei Research Project, the Green Saviours team will commit itself to enhancing the plantation commitments from the hundreds to thousands of trees and beyond as we continue our mission to what we can now call the restoration of the Ecology and the restoration and maintenance of the bio diversity of the Western Ghats. The commitment grows and so does the need to reach out to thousands of fellow citizens in Belagavi to join us in our humble effort.

6th November 2016

31 Sunday of work for the Green Saviours team. The team visited the Aashray Colony garden where we had planted trees earlier in May. The best part is that the site is being maintained under the watchful eyes of Narasinha Joshi and company who are the residents of the colony. The Municipal workers help maintain the garden which houses over 70 trees that were part of our first 100 odd saplings planted. The best part of it was that the place was spic and span with the grass and weeds cleared. We are happy to announce that all have grown well and there is just one sapling that was lost. The team loosened the soil, added manure and watered the plants. We also use fallen dry leaves to cover the area so that moisture would be retained and eventually the leaves would serve as manure. The team then conducted a meeting in which plans for the remainder of the year leading up to the next rainy season were discussed.

30th October 2016

Discovering a whole new way to spend the Diwali and working for the 30th consecutive Sunday, the Green Saviours team visited the Kalmeshwar Mandir site at Old Belagavi and undertook cleaning, watering and the addition of manure. Unfortunately 9 trees had not survived due to water logging in the rainy season. New trees were planted in the pits. Arrangements have been made to ensure watering of the 51 trees at the site and what was interesting to note is that all the Jackfruit, Banyan and Peepal trees have survived despite the nature of the site to accumulate water during the rains.

23rd October 2016

Green Saviours team visited the Golf Course at Desur to ascertain the status of the trees and watered the trees planted. It was a joy to notice that almost all trees at the said site have survived. The site is ideally suited for vegetation and the probably since there is a lot of accumulating dew, these plants will keep finding enough water to survive. Over 60 members participated in the drive. We are thankful to KLE International School for providing us the buses. We also thank the Belgaum Golf Association for the opportunity. This was our 29th successive Sunday of working and it was nice to see a few new members joining our efforts. The focus as of now is on nurturing the trees planted until now as we lay down the plans for larger accomplishments in the year ahead.

16th October 2016

The Green Saviours team visited Habbanatti just off Belgaum Chorla Road ahead of Jamboti. 75 trees were planted at the Hanuman Temple beside the river Malaprabha. The temple management will be taking care of the trees. The team also spent some memorable moments in laughter and frolic and enjoyed the short picnic at the wonderful locale. A local cook provided frugal meals and the rustic flavour was a treat to the senses. After weeks of working together, it was wonderful to note to enhanced degree of bonding between members of the Green Saviours family. The initial hesitancy to mingle has been replaced by a wonderful sense of togetherness and what makes it more special is the dedication to the cause. Green Saviours is happy to announce that we have secured a distinct foothold in the region around Jamboti for plantation and we now have several invitations to plant trees right up to Kanakumbi; the region of our focus since it would make a difference to the climate in Belagavi. A special thanks to the Management of Bharatesh Group of Institutions for providing us the transport for our drives. Looking forward to associating with other institutions.

9th October 2016

Green Saviours 27th Plantation Drive at Maharishi Vithal Shinde High School, Runkundye on Belagavi Chorla Road. The team planted 45 saplings and entrusted the task of caretaking to the students in the school. The School Principal assured us that the students would be assigned the responsibility and in return we promised to provide note books for the students in the upcoming year.

2nd October 2016

The Green Saviours mission continues for the 26th Sunday in a row. The team visited Islamiya High School and planted 51 saplings on campus. Faculty and students participated. The wonderful part of the drive was the opportunity to participate in the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations and also paid respects to Lal Bahadur Shastriji and we got the privilege of being part of the assembly where school children spoke about the principles of Gandhiji in both English and Urdu. We wish to thank the Management, Principal, staff and students for their.enthusiastic participation.

25th September 2016

The Green Saviours team revisited the plantation sites at Syndicate Bank Colony, Ganeshpur and Hukkerimath and cleaned up the spaces around the trees planted earlier. As we pile up numbers and work towards our goal for the 26th successive Sunday, the one thing that stands out is that every site has different dynamics in terms of the type of soil and it's capacity to drain or hold water, the growth patterns of each sapling and also weed management along with several issues that emerge with the manner in which other people influence the site. Each drive is thus a wonderful learning experience in the midst of nature that continues to inspire us to greater purpose with enhanced determination. A special thanks to the residents of Syndicate Bank Colony who watered the saplings during the summer and helped ensure that the trees survive.

18th September 2016

Green Saviours team continued work for the 25th successive Sunday. The members completed the cleaning and composting pit creation work at the Zilla Tarabethi Sansthe Site at Sangameshwar Nagar. Seven trees that were earlier planted had perished and the team replaced the loss with now saplings. Over 50 members participated. The team is happy to continue working on the survival and maintenance of the trees that were planted during and before the monsoon. Once the maintenance work at all sites has been completed, further plantations will be undertaken. Slow, steady and consistent is the motto of the Green Saviours initiative... Come join the Green Saviours team.. Plant trees, Nurture trees and Protect trees. This is the least we can do to positively influence the climate in and around Belagavi.

11th September 2016

The Green Saviours team worked for the 24th successive Sunday and revisited the Zilla Tarabethi Sansthe Site where they had earlier planted 81 trees. The team cleaned the spaces around the trees, watered the spaces and examined the growth of the planted saplings. 75 of the trees have survived and arrangements have been made to plant new saplings in place of the ones lost. The team is focussing not only on plantation but also on ensuring that the planted trees survive. Similar assessment and redressal drives are planned for all the sites to ensure that the 1600+ trees planted live to grow up into vegetation that will positively influence the climate in and around the city.

4th September 2016

Having planted over 1600 trees, the Green Saviours team commenced the task of consolidating and confirming their accomplishments. The team assembled at Gurudev Ranade Mandir and commenced the process of clearing the weeds around the planted trees. Spaces around the trees were cleared and clear spaces generated for watering. The weeds which were chopped off were dumped into a composting pit. This was the 22nd Sunday of working for the team. Subsequently the team met to discuss future course of action. Similar clearing and maintenance drives will be conducted across the sites and saplings replaced if necessary.

28th August 2016

21st Sunday of work for Green Saviours. The Green Saviours team harvested over 400 mango saplings from the road sides and from residential compounds and replanted them in bags at the Chenamma Nagar Nursery. We are happy to announce that in addition to harvesting close to a thousand trees from the road sides, we have also planted over 1600 trees this year in various parts of the city.

21st August 2016

The Green Saviours team worked for the 20th consecutive Sunday and planted 140 trees at Desur Golf Course. Members worked relentlessly in the rains and stuck to their objective of adding to the greenery in the region around Belagavi. The team wishes to thank the Belgaum Got Association and the Department of Forestry for their continued support.

14th August 2016

A near perfect way to spend Independence Day. Addressed the members of Navaratri Mandal at Anjaneya Nagar in context of the activities of the Green Saviours team. Drew attention to the need for more people to take up tree plantation and protection. Also stressed on the need for ensuring that we generate less garbage rather than on managing it after we create it. Working on forming Green Saviours teams in various parts of the city so that there is a collective effort towards environmental protection before the issues get out of hand. Some of the women promised to join and I invited them to come with the entire family. Now fingers crossed. Hoping that it really translates into numbers on field.

7th August 2016

The Green Saviours team continued their work for the 18th successive Sunday. Members conducted the second sapling collection drive in which they collected over 300 saplings of mango, jambool and other native trees from road sides in the areas of Bhagyanagar, Tilakwadi and Hindwadi. The collected saplings were transported to the Forest Nursery at Rani Chenamma Nagar and were transferred into bags. The forest department will be maintaining these saplings which constitute the Green Saviours inventory for subsequent plantations. The team wishes to thank the Department of Forestry for their cooperation. The Green Saviours team has harvested over 600 saplings from the road sides over the past two Sundays and have earlier planted over 1500 trees. The team wishes to take up larger projects in the year ahead and invites Belgaumites living in the city to join the effort. People living outside the city could also pitch in with their contributions.

31st July 2016

The Green Saviours commenced a unique initiative during their 17th consecutive Sunday of working in the interests of restoring the greenery in the city. Nearly a hundred volunteers participated and the specialty of todays drive was the presence of a large number of college students who have joined the initiative. They conducted a 'Sapling Harvesting Drive' and picked up over 400 saplings from road sides and from residential compounds. Most of these trees do not survive and hence the Green Saviours team in association with the Department of Social Forestry has taken up the responsibility of saving these trees by transferring them to bags full of soil and compost. The trees will be part of the Green Saviours inventory and will be maintained by the forest nursery at Chenamma Nagar. The team plans to conduct these harvesting drives across town and there are thousands of prospective trees of Mango, Jambool, Jackfruit, Tamarind, Peepal, Banyan, etc which can thus be saved and planted at suitable sites through the year. People are requested to get in touch with the team members with information about such saplings. Most of these saplings are otherwise lost when cleaning of road sides and residential compounds is undertaken or due to lack of space and nutrition. The Green Saviours team has planted over 1500 trees across 16 consecutive Sundays and will continue their work across the year. Building their own inventory is part of their future endeavour to accomplish larger plantations of native trees, especially fruiting trees in and around the city.

24th July 2016

Green Saviours team travelled to Maratha Mandal High School Kiniye on Belagavi-Chorla Road and conducted their plantation drive for the 17th successive Sunday. About 100 volunteers participated. Students from the school also planted trees. 132 trees were planted. The school has been advised to allocate the trees to groups of students from the school and we have instituted awards for the top three teams in order to ensure survival of the trees. We thank the school management for the invitation. The participatory mode of plantation is ideal for the survival of the trees planted. We are happy to work at sites along the road leading to Goa since it is common belief and a well known fact that the vegetation in the said region plays a major role in ensuring that a good amount of rain makes its way to Belagavi. We thank the Forest Department for providing us saplings and unconditional support. The Deputy Conservator of Forests Mr. Morappannavar has been extremely supportive in our cause. We also wish to thank all the donors who have contributed in the form of funds required for the expenses for the plantation drives. We look forward to more contributions to enable us continue and achieve bigger milestones in our effort. With this plantation drive we have achieved a personal milestone of over 1500 trees and wish to extend a request to people in the region to provide us plantation sites and for joining us.

17th July 2016

Plantation drive for the 16th successive Sunday.....the Green Saviours effort has been a consistent one. We conducted our plantation drive at Nagzari School Tilakwadi and planted 54 trees. The trees will be allocated to groups of students and we even announced a small prize for the best care taking effort. We also conducted an awareness rally through the streets of Tilakwadi. The support from the police department was also excellent and we wish to thank them for the same. While onlookers continued to be spectators, we went ahead with the hope that a few more minds will be influenced well enough for our volunteer strength to grow. A special thanks to a few of our members who have offered generous donations to take care of our expenses. Thanks to both the schools on the campus, especially Mr Satish Patil who provided us the space and even invited students to join. We are an unregistered group of volunteers who take great pride in the fact that we are in it for the commitment rather than for post or publicity. With over 1300 trees planted since we commenced our effort in April, it has been a reasonably long journey of working and learning together. Come join us in our effort. It is the least that we can do for the future of our city.

13th July 2016

The joys of plantation continued for the 15th successive Sunday when nearly a 100 volunteers of the Green Saviours team planted nearly 250 trees at the Desur Golf Course. We thanks Rajendra Belgaumkar and IMER for providing us the vehicle to take the members to the site. Special thanks to the BGCA for inviting us to continue plantation at the site and also the forest department who provided us saplings. A few new members added fun to the weekly experience. Most others are already pretty skilled in the art of tree plantation by now. Mr Mathad from the department of agriculture gave us a demo of how exactly to plant a tree along with some useful tips which will make our task more methodical and purposeful in the days to come. We welcome others to join our effort to restore the greenery in and around our city.

10th July 2016

The Green Saviours team conducted plantation of trees for the 13th successive Sunday under the Venugreen Project. The team planted 54 trees at the temple site at Kalmeshwar Colony lake. Nearly 140 members including residents participated. The team wishes to thank the residents for the invitation and their commitment to take care of the trees. The team then visited Bharatesh Central School campus opp Suvarna Soudha and planted 30 trees. Thanks to the Principal of the school and the management for their invitation. We also wish to thank the Department of Forestry for supplying the saplings and wish to invite Belgaumites to join us in our effort to restore the greenery in town.

3rd July 2016

A welcome break and a promise to keep..... Picking up saplings, digging pits, forming human chains and ferrying trees and water, carrying implements around, preparing the soil, watering the pit and clearing the area are habits that we have inculcated over the past few months and no Sunday is complete without the task. Greetings of warmth, travelling together, the antakshari on the bus ride, hi fives, selfies and some wonderful moments have added life to living. New members join and new smiles emerge while old ones continue to be present with the same enthusiasm. The commitment is growing with the passing of every week. The Green Saviours team planted 200 trees as part of their commitment to add to the greenery in and around the city of Belagavi, Karnataka, India. A group of around 150 members headed to the Desur Golf Course for the plantation drive at 7.15 in the morning and commenced plantation at around 8.15. Members from various walks of life, young and old alike walked around the golf course and planted saplings in previously dug pits that were waiting to welcome the prospective new inhabitants of the site. The drive continued until about 10.15 and the team had some wonderful moments with family and friends. At the end of the drive, the IGP of the region Mr Umeshkumar planted a sapling and the new members of the Green Saviours team along with members who celebrated birthdays and anniversaries in the past week, planted a tree. The Belgaum Golf Association was kind enough to serve some hot snacks for the tired members after the plantation. One of the members also chose to celebrate a birthday with us and the cake party topped the celebrations. The team wishes to thank Mr. N.J. Shivkumar, Captain of the course and Belgaum Golf Association for inviting us to undertake the task of adding trees to the golf course. The team will be planting thousands of trees in the region over the coming year. We also thank Mr Dilip Chindak for providing the JCB to dig the pits. The Department of Social Forestry provided us the saplings as they always do and we are eternally grateful for their cooperation. The Green Saviours team will be planting thousands of trees at the site on every alternate Sunday. We have almost touched a total of 1000 trees in our 12th plantation drive and look forward to continuing the same for what may seem like forever. Come join the The Venugreen Project- the first initiative of the Green Saviours team and be part of these wonderful moments.

26th June 2016

Green Saviours team conducted their 11th plantation drive at Zilla Tarabethi Sansthe Sangameshwar Nagar. 75 trees were planted at the site. Over 100 volunteers participated including a team from Kadoli village. The drive commenced with a plantation by the new members. The women folk celebrated the local festival by planting Banyan trees. Members who had birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones and self, planted a Peepal tree. The drive concluded with the National Anthem as we continued to dedicate our efforts for the welfare of the city and the nation. We thank that administration at the institution for providing us the opportunity. Special thanks to the Department of Forestry for providing us the saplings. The site which was earlier full of bushes was cleared and pits dug using a JCB. The digging team put in their efforts to create channels for the flow of water. We are Green Saviours believe in keeping it simple. No celebs no prominent personalities, just a bunch of enthusiasts who gather each Sunday to plant trees and spend some wonderful time together. We seek to increase our memberships since larger sites are coming up. We also welcome donations.

19th June 2016

The Green Saviours team at the plantation drive at Hukkeri Hiremath Mutth near Ganeshpur planted over 40 trees at the site. Swamiji and RFO Nimbargi Madam planted trees. The Swamiji also distributed special wooden boxes that can be mounted on trees to attract birds to make them into nests. Over 100 members participated. Members who had birthdays and anniversaries were felicitated with saplings of Vinca Rosia, the Ever flowering plant and planted a tree together. The team wishes to thank the Swamiji for the opportunity and the Forest Department for the saplings. The total number of trees planted since we began on 10th April is over 500. We look forward to planting on other sites both within and around the city. Simple mantra Make sure that all trees survive. Keep It Simple and Steady.....KISS....the apt acronym. We are a bunch of environmental enthusiasts who plant trees every Sunday between 7.30 and 9.30. The bonding between the members and the sheer joy is contagious. We may not be experts or professionals but more importantly, we are a bunch of humans who learn as they move on and are together for the joy of it.

12th June 2016

With the blessings of noble, simple and super humble social activist Shivaji Kaganikar, the rains over the past few days and the cooperation extended by the Kadoli team and villagers, the Green Saviours commemorated World Environment Day at Kadoli Village by planting 166 trees. The Kadoli team then took charge of 34 saplings to take the tally to 200. Over 130 members of the Green Saviours team had the privilege of being addressed by Shivaji Anna and then proceeded to plant trees in the compound of a college, a crematorium, a school and surrounding areas. This was followed by a sumptuous rustic meal of Bhakri, Junka and Garlic Chutney with a generous dash of curd to make a perfect desi Frankie. We thank the villagers, the Kadoli team, the Department of Forestry and everyone for their cooperation. Special thanks to Bharatesh Group of Institutions for providing two buses for the travel. People interested in joining our effort can join us each Sunday at seven in the morning as we surge ahead in an effort to restore the greenery in the region.

5th June 2016


29th May 2016

The Green Saviours team continues to keep the momentum of the Venugreen Project intact with about 100 volunteers participating in the plantation drive at the Government School, Vishvesvaraya Nagar, Belagavi. We planted over forty trees after digging pits and taking all the precautions as advised by the Department of Forestry. The total tally of trees planted is nearly 300 but we are going slow and steady. The large scale plantation will happen once the rains arrive.

22nd May 2016

The Green Saviours team continued their tree plantation drive as part of the Venugreen Project. In 7th plantation drive conducted at Parijat Colony, Angol-Vadgaon Road, the members planted over 40 trees. The team has planted over 200 trees and is proud to announce that all have survived. Over 100 members and the residents of the colony participated. The team conducted an awareness rally wherein they marched from City Hall, Bhagyanagar to Parijat Colony and raised slogans calling for people to join the effort. Representatives from Kadoli village joined the team and have invited Green Saviours to take up a massive plantation drive in their village. Green Saviours invites people from Belagavi to join since the work will be taken to a whole new level.

15th May 2016

The Green Saviours team continued their plantation drive, uninterrupted for the sixth consecutive week. The members planted more than 25 trees at a park at Syndicate Bank Colony, Ganeshpur. The Deputy RFO Mr. Teli addressed the members on intricacies pertaining to the methodology of planting trees and proper care taking. He also provided information regarding various support schemes from the Forest Department and assured the Green Saviours of all possible support in their ongoing initiative which involves planting trees across the city of Belagavi. The Green Saviours team especially thanks the residents of the colony for their participation and assurance to take care of the trees. Setting an apt protocol, the team concluded the plantation activity with a collective and spirited rendition of the National Anthem. The team wishes to continue extending invitations to Belgaumites to join the endeavour.

8th May 2016

The Green Saviours team as part of the Venugreen Project conducted their 5th plantation drive at Gulmohur Colony, Vadgaon Road, Belagavi. Nearly 100 members of the group in addition to a large number of residents from the colony participated. The team planted nearly 40 trees including their 150th tree, cleaned the area & dug up a composting pit to make manure using fallen leaves. Green Saviours is working continuously to ensure that all the planted trees survive. The group wishes to thank the residents of the colony for their support and look forward to associating with residents across the city in order to plant thousands of trees. While they are planting only limited trees as of now, the real plantation drive will begin with the onset of the rains. Green Saviours invites Belgaumites both within and away from the city to join them in their effort to restore the greenery in the city.

1st May 2016

Green Saviours-Enrollment drive for Venugreen Project/4th plantation Drive. The Green Saviours team conducted its 4th plantation drive and reconvened at Gurudev Mandir campus. The volunteers undertook cleaning of the campus and planted trees. Over 100 members from across town participated. The Venugreen Project has been scaled up to plant a million trees in the coming five years. Since thousands of volunteers would be needed for the project, the team has decided to commence volunteer enrollment drives in this week. The idea is to have different teams of volunteers managing plantation sites in their own part of the city. On this occasion the team informs that all the hundred trees planted over the past four weeks have survived. People in charge of managing the trees were appreciated for their contributions. The Green Saviours team also met member of the association of residents at Krishi Colony to discuss the plantation for the coming week. The team wishes to invite associations in various parts of town to identify sites and join the project of restoring vegetation in the city of Belagavi.

24th April 2016

The Green Saviours team as part of the Venugreen Project planted 50 trees at an abandoned park at Aashray Colony, Nanawadi Belagavi on 24th April 2016. This group of people from various walks of life in the city has come together with the purpose of restoring the greenery to compensate for the effects of the road development that is happening in Belagavi. In their first noteworthy accomplishment, they planted their 100th tree today. The plantation was done by Shri Gopal Mense, a senior citizen and wellwisher from the colony. Over 100 members of the group along with residents of the colony participated. The group is presently planting just a few trees across town in an attempt to generate awareness. Actual plantation work starts in the rainy season when they would also be planting fruiting trees. The group is also focusing on maintaining both the existing trees and the newly planted trees. Presently the focus is on building volunteers and planting trees in enclosed areas like institutions public parks,etc. The trees are being provided by the District Forest Department. At a later stage, trees will be planted along roads and even the region around the Yallur Fort which could accommodate thousands of trees. Thousands of volunteers would be required as the project evolves. Green Saviours would like to invite people across Belagavi and beyond to join the effort. The activity is carried out every Sunday between 7.00 AM and 9.00 AM at a specific location in the city.

17th April 2016

The Green Saviours team conducted their second plantation drive at the Gurudev Mandir campus on Sunday 17th April 2016. More than 60 volunteers from the group planted 25 trees, cleaned the area around existing trees and watered both the new and the existing plants. The Green Saviours team is a group of individuals from various walks of life in the city of Belagavi. They will be undertaking several initiatives for environmental conservation and the current activity is called the Venugreen Project. Members get together every Sunday between 7.30 and 9.00 AM and carry out tree plantation. The trees are provided by the Department of Forestry. They also work through the week on ensuring that the trees survive. Last week they had planted fifteen trees at Bharatesh Campus near Fort and in the next week they will be planting over 50 trees at Nanawadi. The plan is to reach a target of 6000 trees over the year.

10th April 2016

The first plantation drive of the Green Saviours team happened when on 10th April, 2016, a team of around 30 people planted over 25 trees at campus of Bharatesh Group of Institutions at Fort, Belagavi. Subsequently the management of the institution has taken care of the trees and has also provided tree guards for each tree.

3rd April 2016

The First meeting of the Green Saviours team happened at Nath Pai Udyan, Tilakwadi on 3rd April in order to commence the Venugreen Project. As part of the project, we promised ourselves that we would plant thousands of trees across Belagavi and in the surrounding regions in order to restore the greenery and the ecological balance.