6th November 2016

31 Sunday of work for the Green Saviours team. The team visited the Aashray Colony garden where we had planted trees earlier in May. The best part is that the site is being maintained under the watchful eyes of Narasinha Joshi and company who are the residents of the colony. The Municipal workers help maintain the garden which houses over 70 trees that were part of our first 100 odd saplings planted. The best part of it was that the place was spic and span with the grass and weeds cleared. We are happy to announce that all have grown well and there is just one sapling that was lost. The team loosened the soil, added manure and watered the plants. We also use fallen dry leaves to cover the area so that moisture would be retained and eventually the leaves would serve as manure. The team then conducted a meeting in which plans for the remainder of the year leading up to the next rainy season were discussed.



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