The region around Belagavi has traditionally been an area of forests but the green cover has drastically depleted over the past few decades. Consequently there has been an adverse effect on the rainfall and the overall climate in the region. The Venugreen Project gets its name from the original name of Belagavi which was once called Venugram, a place famous for Bamboo plantations. This is an attempt to restore the greenery in the region and the team has planted over 1500 trees in and around Belagavi. The team focuses on the survival of the planted saplings and has received unconditional support from the Department of Forestry who has provided saplings along with assistance and valuable guidance.

The long term objective is to plant over a million trees and to ensure their survival in order to compensate for the loss of vegetation which occurs due to infrastructural development in the region and beyond.


The Green Saviours team in the upcoming year 2017 and from then on is working on plans to establish forests especially on barren hill tops in and around Belagavi. The effort will be a joint initiative with the local administration, the Department of Forestry and the local citizens.

Massive plantation will be carried out by sowing seeds of native trees and ensuring provisions and protection through water harvesting and the active participation of people living in the region around the said site.




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