Maintenance of the planted saplings is an essential element of ecological restoration and hence the Green Saviours team has dedicated several Sundays of work to ensure high rates of survival at the plantation sites.

The primary tasks involved in maintenance include:

a) Watering of planted saplings at regular intervals depending upon the season

b) Addition of mulch material to reduce water loss due to evaporation

c) Addition of manure or compost to ensure soil fertility

d) Spraying or addition of Jeevamrut or similar microbial preparations

e) Deweeding or flattening of grasses

f) Pruning of overgrowing tree branches to provide sunlight to all trees

g) Alteration of site topography to hold water or drain out excess water

h) Providing Bamboo props to support saplings in early stage of growth

i) Replacement of lost saplings at periodic intervals



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