Transplantation of Trees

  • Plantation of trees in proximity to regions frequented by humans often warrants the need for transplantation of trees. This is especially true in the case of trees being located in sites that are taken up for infrastructural development to construct buildings, pavements, drainage facilities and other structures.
  • In case of transplantation, the soil space around the trees is carefully dug to carve out a block with the soil and the root structure intact. Adequate care must be taken to ensure absence of root damage. The uprooted tree/sapling is then transplanted into a pit in the proximity or at a distance depending upon the availability of spaces. Subsequent maintenance in the form of watering and addition of manure can revive the transplanted tree over a period in time.
  • The team is constantly working towards setting up a system wherein the information of threatened trees in urban areas can be received and manual or mechanized transplantation systems can be set up to ensure that no trees are sacrificed for the purpose of infrastructural development.
  • In case of a mechanized transplantation, the activity can be capital intensive and may warrant the need to identify separate site to transplant the trees.



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