Tree Plantation

Planting of trees either by the avenue method or as a dense plantation is the core activity of the Green Saviours team. The focus is on the plantation of endemic or indigenous species. These include fruiting trees, flowering trees, timber species, medicinal trees, shrubs, bushes and certain flowering plants. Saplings are procured from the Department of forestry or private nurseries. The team also makes saplings from seeds and cuttings and the stock is maintained at the Green Saviours Sapling Nursery. The well-maintained nursery has a stock of around 5000 saplings of 30 to 40 species.

Digging of pits is either manual or using a mechanized auger.

Choice of tree species for plantation is based on

  1. Nature of the soil
  2. Site topography
  3. Method of plantation
  4. Availability of water and other resources
  5. Requirements of the site owner

There is no use of pesticides, fungicides or weedicides at any of the sites.

 “Jeevamrut” is used to ensure healthy and speedy growth.



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