Sapling Harvesting

It is a common place observation that many species of trees propagate through aerial or animal/bird-based dispersal of seeds. Many saplings are found growing in spaces with open soil in compounds or other urban areas, in crevices in pavements and other constructed structures. In due course of time, these saplings are sacrificed under the guise of cleaning.

Having noticed this the early days since we commenced work, the Green Saviours team commenced a concerted effort to harvest these saplings from their existing spaces to transfer them into bags for further nurturing and plantation. While the success rates of these transplantation vary from species to species, we are happy to have been able to use/save thousands of such saplings and have planted them afresh at our plantation sites and our Mini Forest creations.

Most varieties of Ficus, fruiting trees like Guava, Mango, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Jambool, Jungli Jalebi and the Indian Cherry tree, Tree Jasmine, Neem, Silk Cotton Trees, etc have exhibited a healthy survival rate after sapling harvesting and re-plantation.

This activity has been particularly contributory in terms of community involvement since a lot of individuals in the vicinity have harvested saplings and transferred them to the Green Saviours.

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